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AdBlue® in 200-litre drums: Buy at the best price

AdBlue 200 litre drum

Would you like to buy AdBlue® in 200 litre drums? Check out our selection of sites to get AdBlue® drums at the best price!

AdBlue® in 200-litre drums: our selection of the best prices

Take advantage of the best prices found for purchasing AdBlue® in 200-litre drums :

Note that if you order your 200-litre drum on Amazon, delivery is free in most cases.

Description of the AdBlue® drum

The 200 to 220 litre drum of AdBlue® is mainly suitable for refuelling small vehicle fleets (car hire companies, delivery services…) or professional vehicles with particularly large AdBlue® tanks (HGVs, agricultural machinery, site machinery…).

Ordering AdBlue® in 200 L drums saves you money compared to buying smaller cans (5 L, 10 L or 20 L, for example). Don’t forget that it’s also possible to order 1000-litre tanks of AdBlue®!

AdBlue® is an agent designed to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) from diesel vehicles equipped with SCR technology. It enables the vehicles concerned to comply with the Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards regulating exhaust gas emissions at European level. AdBlue® is essential for the operation of engines fitted with the SCR system.
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To empty your AdBlue® drum, the simplest and quickest method is to use a special AdBlue® electric pump.

Why trust us with your purchase of 200 litres of AdBlue®?

The AdBlue® 200 litre barrels listed on this page have been carefully selected by our team. They meet the following criteria:

  • only references with the AdBlue® licence appear in our selection
  • compliance with ISO 22241 or DIN V 70070, which guarantees the quality of the AdBlue® contained in the drums
  • the drums used to contain AdBlue® allow optimum preservation, if the storage conditions described above are respected.

Technical specifications

Below are the technical characteristics of the contents of a 200-litre drum of AdBlue®:

  • Composition: 32.5% urea solution
  • Appearance: colourless liquid
  • Odour: odourless, or with a slight ammonia odour
  • Density at 20°C: 1.0913 g/cm3
  • PH: below 10
  • Solubility in water: completely soluble
  • Crystallization temperature: -11°C.

200 L drum of AdBlue®: storage advice

In order not to alter the contents of your AdBlue® drum, it must comply with the following conservation instructions:

  • Each drum of AdBlue® must be stored indoors, in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place.
  • Recommended storage temperature: between -5 and 30°C
  • Do not expose to heat or light
  • Do not store in a damp place
  • Keep away from sources of ignition.

If the storage conditions for AdBlue® are respected, and the packaging is not opened (sealed), it can be kept for 12 months minimum.

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