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AdBlue® prices: Where can I buy it at the cheapest price?

AdBlue price or cost per litre

What price should you expect for AdBlue®? How much does a can of AdBlue® cost compared with a full tank of AdBlue® at the pump? If you need to fill up with this precious liquid, there are many options available to you! Below is a list of places where you can buy AdBlue®, with the average prices we have found.

AdBlue® prices: how much does a can cost?

The price of a can of AdBlue® can vary greatly depending on the outlet where you buy it. For example, you can find 5-litre cans for as little as £10 including tax on certain websites specialising in car accessories. At that price, however, you’ll have to make do with the bare minimum: a single can of AdBlue® without a spout. Expect to pay £12-15 inc VAT minimum for a 5-litre can of AdBlue® with spout.

For a 10-litre canister of AdBlue® (the ideal size for refilling your tank), expect to pay at least £16 inc VAT via an online shop. For this price, it is possible to find a canister with an integrated spout, but this is still fairly rare. to make filling the tank easier.

If you want to take advantage of the best prices for your 10-litre can of AdBlue®, here is a list of the most advantageous offers at the moment (updated daily):

as of 21/07/2024 18:17

Would you rather buy a 20-litre canister? You should be aware that it is generally more difficult to find this type of format for sale. Moreover, buying a 20-litre can of AdBlue® is not justified for private individuals, as car tanks are generally limited to 17 litres and you run the risk of overfilling the tank. An overdose of AdBlue® could block the air vent and cause the tank to warp.

If you want to use part of the can and keep the rest just in case, we recommend that you buy 2 x 10-litre cans. On the one hand, an unopened can will keep longer, and on the other, it will be easier to handle than a 20-litre can. But let’s get to the point: you can find 20-litre cans of AdBlue® from £25 inc. tax on the internet. Buying a 20-litre can of AdBlue® is therefore cheaper than buying 2 x 10-litre cans.

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How much does a full tank of AdBlue® cost at the pump?

Filling up with AdBlue® at the pump will cost you less than buying a can, whatever its size. In fact, the price of AdBlue® at the pump is around £1.50 incl. tax/litre. It is therefore more economical to fill up with this liquid at a service station.

While there are currently many service stations offering AdBlue® at the pump for heavy goods vehicles, this is not yet the case for light vehicles (cars or vans). In fact, only a few hundred service stations are equipped with AdBlue® pumps in the whole of the UK, and there are still many unserved areas. To find an AdBlue® pump for light vehicles, consult the map available on the Shell website.

Some precautions when filling up with AdBlue® at the pump:

  • do not attempt to use a dedicated HGV pump to fill up with AdBlue®, as the flow rate is too high and the diameter of the nozzle is not suitable for cars
  • make sure you fill the AdBlue® tank (which usually has a blue cap), not the diesel tank!

Note that topping up with AdBlue® for light vehicles at service stations is generally limited to 10 litres.

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Price of AdBlue® in a car centre or garage

There are 2 ways to fill your vehicle’s AdBlue® tank in a garage or car centre:

  • either by buying a 5 or 10 litre can on site
  • or by taking out an AdBlue® top-up package.

As far as prices are concerned, the price of a can of AdBlue® in a garage or car centre will be in the upper range of prices found on the Internet.

As for the price of the AdBlue® upgrade or refill package, expect to pay between £20 and £40 inc VAT. This generally includes an overhaul of the exhaust system, labour and up to 10 litres of AdBlue®. Unless the garage is overwhelmed, your vehicle should not be immobilised for more than 2 hours.

Where to buy AdBlue® at the cheapest price (price per litre)

To buy AdBlue® at the cheapest price, the best way is to go to a service station. However, if your geographical area is not served or if you want to take precautions, it’s best to buy a 5 or 10 litre can of AdBlue® to be prepared for any eventuality.

Here is a summary of AdBlue® prices per litre (average prices recorded):

  • 5-litre can: £3 incl. tax/litre
  • 10-litre can: £2.50 per litre, incl. VAT
  • 20-litre can: £2 per litre, incl. VAT
  • AdBlue® at the pump: £1.50 incl. VAT / litre

How much AdBlue® should I buy?

In some cases, a top-up of 5 litres of AdBlue® can do the trick to give you peace of mind for a few months. In fact, a city car generally consumes less than 1 litre of AdBlue® per 1000 km (621 miles) driven, whereas a saloon or 4×4 is more likely to be around 1.5 litres / 1000 km. In other words, with 5 litres of AdBlue®, your car can theoretically drive an extra 3,300 to 5,000 km (2,050 to 3,107 miles) without having to top up.

To avoid having to refill your tank for a while, the ideal solution is to add 10 litres of AdBlue® to your tank, or go to a garage or car centre to fill up your AdBlue® tank completely. Only a professional is qualified to carry out a complete AdBlue® top-up.

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How should AdBlue® be stored?

If you buy AdBlue® to store at home, you need to take a few precautions:

  • An unopened can of AdBlue® can only be stored for 12 to 18 months from the date of production (see the label on the can). After that, it must be emptied.
  • It should be stored in a place where the temperature is between -5 and 30°C. The ideal storage temperature for AdBlue® is between 0 and 25°C.
  • It should not be exposed to direct sunlight or near a heat source.
  • The storage area must be clean and healthy.
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