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AdBlue® level: When to top up? How much AdBlue® should I use?

AdBlue® level: When to top up? How much AdBlue® should I use?

How do you know your vehicle’s AdBlue® level? When should you fill up with AdBlue®? To avoid running out of the precious liquid, remember to regularly check the messages and icons displayed on your dashboard.

When should I fill up with AdBlue®?

AdBlue® must be topped up as soon as a “AdBlue®” or “Urea” indicator light appears on your vehicle’s dashboard. On certain models, the icon may be accompanied by a warning message such as “Refill AdBlue : no engine start in xxxx km”.

There’s no need to panic: the low AdBlue® level warning is displayed, depending on the car model, between 800 and 2,400 km (497 and 1,491 miles) before the liquid runs out. This gives you plenty of time to find a way of topping up your tank before it’s completely empty (canister, petrol station, garage, etc.).

While the majority of models simply display an icon and/or warning message when the AdBlue® level is low, a few rare models provide real-time information on the approximate level of AdBlue® contained in the tank. This is particularly true of the Volvo V40.

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Why should I add AdBlue® as soon as possible?

Although the first warning is most often displayed 2,400 km (1,491 miles) before the breakdown, we strongly advise you not to wait until the last moment before adding AdBlue® to your vehicle. In fact, as the level of AdBlue® decreases, visual and/or audible alerts will continue to be triggered, and then the vehicle’s electronics will gradually degenerate engine operation, until the vehicle is completely immobilised.

What happens when the AdBlue® runs out?

When the AdBlue® level is low, it is common for the engine to refuse to start. Simply add a certain quantity of AdBlue® to the dedicated tank and the engine will start again. In some cases, a technician may be required to unlock the car’s electronics.

How much AdBlue® should I use?

To make the AdBlue® indicator disappear, we recommend pouring at least 4 to 5 litres of liquid into the tank provided for this purpose. To avoid having to top up with AdBlue® too regularly, we recommend filling up with 10 litres.

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