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AdBlue® 5 litre can: Buy at a cheaper price

AdBlue 5 litre can

Are you looking to buy a 5 litre AdBlue® bottle at the best price? You’ve come to the right place: our team has selected for you the sites offering the best current offers for the purchase of AdBlue®.

5-litre AdBlue® canister: our selection of the best prices

To buy your 5-litre AdBlue® can at the best price, we invite you to consult our list of the most attractive offers currently available:

AdBlue® description and composition

AdBlue® in 5-litre cans is recommended if you need to carry out a dedicated tank upgrade. In fact, this canister format will enable you to troubleshoot a diesel vehicle whose dashboard displays an AdBlue® indicator. The addition of 5 ltr of AdBlue® to the tank concerned will generally be sufficient for :

  • extend the range of your AdBlue® tank from 1,550 to 3,100 miles (depending on its size)
  • allow the vehicle to restart if you run out of AdBlue®.
  • disappear the warning light after a few minutes.

If you want peace of mind for longer, we recommend buying a 10-litre can of AdBlue® directly. This means you can drive an extra 3,100 to 6,200 miles without having to fill up. AdBlue® is also available in 20-litre cans, in 200-litre drums, and in 1000-litre IBCs.

In accordance with the ISO 22241 standard, the 5-litre cans in our comparison contain 67.5% demineralised water and 32.5% urea. AdBlue® is a colourless, non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable product. This solution must be stored in a closed, dry, well-ventilated area at a temperature of between -5 and +30°C.

AdBlue® cans: how did we make our choice?

Finding the cheapest 5 litre cans of AdBlue® on the web wasn’t easy: we had to scour numerous sites and make sure that each can met precise selection criteria:

  • authorisation to use the AdBlue® trademark from the German Association of the Automotive Industry (owner of the trademark)
  • compliance with the ISO 22241 standard, which certifies, among other things, the quality of AdBlue®
  • the date of manufacture of the liquid is stated on each can (the solution can be stored for 12 to 18 months from this date)
  • the price of AdBlue® cans does not include delivery costs, but we have discarded items with delivery costs over £10.
  • Most of the references selected come with a spout to make filling the tank easier (if not, a funnel will do the trick or you can buy a flexible hose as an extra).

Buy your 5-litre can of AdBlue at the best price from Amazon (free delivery)!

How to use your 5 ltr can of AdBlue®?

It’s all very well getting hold of a 5-litre can of AdBlue®, but you still need to know how to use it! Rest assured, it’s not rocket science:

  1. Locate where the AdBlue® tank is located.
  2. Open the fuel filler cap (most often identified by its blue colour)
  3. Unscrew the cap from the AdBlue® canister and attach the hose to the spout.
  4. Gently pour the liquid into the reservoir (taking care not to overflow)
  5. Gently remove the hose and quickly close the tank cap (to avoid crystallisation of the AdBlue®).

Cans of AdBlue®: what precautions should be taken?

While AdBlue® is a harmless solution, it must be used with caution:

  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes (risk of irritation): wear gloves and protective goggles if necessary.
  • Make sure you don’t spill AdBlue® on the bodywork, the floor or your clothes: if you do, rinse it off with plenty of water to avoid staining.
  • Do not pour AdBlue® into the diesel tank (or vice versa): this could cause serious engine damage.
  • Don’t overfill the AdBlue® tank: remember to leave a small margin to avoid overfilling.
  • After using the can, it is best to dispose of the can (even if there is still some AdBlue® left) in a suitable household waste bin.
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