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AdBlue® 1000 litres in IBC tank: Buy at the best price

AdBlue 1000 litres IBC tank

You want to buy AdBlue® in 1000-litre IBC tanks? We have selected for you the sites offering the best prices for getting your AdBlue® tank!

AdBlue® in 1000-litre IBC tanks: our selection of the best prices

Get your 1000 L tank of AdBlue® at a great price thanks to our selection of the best current offers (updated daily):

Description of AdBlue in 1000 litre tanks

The AdBlue® contained in the 1000-litre tanks is a 32.5% aqueous urea solution used to reduce exhaust emissions from diesel engines equipped with SCR technology. This solution meets the Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 anti-pollution standards imposed on cars, commercial vehicles and heavy goods vehicles in Europe.

The AdBlue® IBC tank is particularly recommended for supplying diesel vehicle fleets (rental companies, hauliers, coaches, agricultural vehicles, site machinery, etc.) or service stations with AdBlue®. In fact, it makes it possible to have a large quantity of AdBlue® available to supply a large number of vehicles, both light and heavy, quickly.

To maximise the shelf life of AdBlue®, it should be stored indoors, in a dry, clean and well-ventilated place, at a temperature of between -5 and +30°C. Under these storage conditions, AdBlue® can be kept for up to 12 months.

If you’re looking for smaller packaging, you should know that AdBlue® is also available in 200 L drums. Of course, for domestic use, we’d rather choose a 5-litre AdBlue® can, 10 litres or 20 litres.

AdBlue® IBC tank: recommended equipment

In order to ensure the transfer of AdBlue® from your 1000 L tank to the AdBlue® tank of a diesel vehicle, it is strongly advised to fit an electric AdBlue® pump:

Why trust us with your AdBlue® tank?

To maximise your satisfaction, our team has hand-selected the AdBlue® tank offers according to the following criteria:

  • compliance with AdBlue® quality standards.
  • article authorised to use the AdBlue® brand.
  • reasonable or even free delivery charges.

Technical specifications

Here are the technical specifications specific to a 1000 litre AdBlue® IBC tank:

  • appearance of liquid: colourless
  • compliance with DIN V 70070 / ISO 22241
  • composition: 32.5% urea and 67.5% demineralised water
  • appearance of the tank: translucent (allows you to check the AdBlue® level)
  • tank capacity: 1000 itres
  • pallet dimensions: approx. 100 x 120 x 120 cm
  • average pallet weight: around 1100 kg
  • tank material: HDPE plastic (single wall)
  • weight of empty tank: 50 to 55 kg
  • tank fitted with a fixed drain valve.

Depending on the supplier you choose for your 1000 L tank:

  • the tank may or may not be fitted with a dip stick to facilitate pumping of the AdBlue®.
  • the price of the AdBlue® IBC may or may not include a deposit (if the deposit is not included, you cannot return the tank once it is empty)
  • you will generally need a forklift to receive the goods (don’t hesitate to ask the seller)
  • delivery may or may not be free of charge (also indicated on the product sheet).

Undeniable advantage: Once the IBC tank has been emptied of its contents, you can request a replenishment of AdBlue® in bulk, which will cost you less.

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