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AdBlue® electric pump 12V and 230V : Buy at a cheaper Price

AdBlue electric pump

Need an AdBlue® electric pump to empty a 200 L drum or IBC tank? Find our selection of the best deals on the market to buy an electric AdBlue® pump at the lowest price!

AdBlue® electric pump: our selection of the best prices

Buy your electric pump for AdBlue® transfer at the best price thanks to the offers we have selected for you:

Description of the electric AdBlue® pump 12V/230V

The electric AdBlue® pump makes it easy to transfer AdBlue® contained in 200-litre drums or 1000-litre IBC tanks to a vehicle tank (or a smaller capacity drum). It can be very useful if you need to fill up with AdBlue® on a regular basis, including in the context of a professional activity (fleet management, car garage, service station, etc.).

Featuring a dual 12V and 230V power supply, this type of AdBlue® pump can run on battery power (thanks to the alligator clips supplied) or from an electrical socket (transformer included). The motor is silent.

The electric pump also comes with a telescopic hose, a flexible and a gun.

Precautions for use: the pump must not be used to transfer fluids such as petrol, corrosive liquids, paint thinners, or any other unsuitable product.

Technical specifications

Here is a summary of the technical characteristics of the AdBlue® electric pump (Renson or Sodilub):

  • Dual-feed AdBlue® pump (12 or 230 volts)
  • Compatible with 200 L drums or 1000 L tanks
  • 2 m hose for the Sodilub pump / 2.50 m for the Renson pump
  • Telescopic rod from 850mm to 1250mm
  • Maximum flow rate: 18 L/min for the Sodilub reference / 13 L/min for the Renson reference
  • Manual gun with stainless steel nozzle
  • Gun support
  • Weight: 3.2 kg for the Sodilub pump / 3.75 kg for the Renson pump
  • Easy to transport (lightweight, space-saving AdBlue® pump).

AdBlue® electric transfer pump: how does it work?

To understand exactly how an electric AdBlue® pump works, nothing beats a demonstration video. In the example below, you’ll see how easy it is to use such a pump (remember to activate the subtitles as the video is in French):

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