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Peugeot AdBlue® warning light: How do I switch it off?

Peugeot AdBlue or Urea warning light

The AdBlue® or Urea light on your Peugeot has come on? Don’t panic: when this light comes on the dashboard, your vehicle can still travel 2400 km (1,491 miles) before running out of AdBlue®. What does the AdBlue® warning light look like on a Peugeot vehicle? Where is the tank located? How do you turn the light off? We’ll try to answer all these questions.

Peugeot AdBlue® warning light: what does it look like?

To represent the AdBlue® or Urea light on your Peugeot car, go to your dashboard. Generally, if this light is displayed, you’ll find it next to the speedometer. In most cases, it can come in 2 different formats:

  • a “UREA” sign, below which is a pictogram representing waves
  • a “AdBlue” mention, also accompanied by a pictogram with waves…

If you’re not sure which warning light applies to your vehicle, check the service manual.

The AdBlue®/UREA light can be displayed on all diesel vehicles in the Peugeot BlueHDI range: 208, 308, 508, 2008, and 5008. Not forgetting the Peugeot Boxer, Expert, Partner and Traveller vans.

In addition, depending on the model and year of your Peugeot, a warning message may also be displayed on your dashboard: “Top up AdBlue: starting impossible in x mi”.

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How can I turn off the Urea or AdBlue® warning light on my Peugeot?

To turn off the Urea or AdBlue® warning light on your Peugeot, it’s very simple: you need to fill up with AdBlue®! But you still need to know where the dedicated tank is and how to obtain AdBlue®.

1. Locate the AdBlue® tank

On a Peugeot vehicle, the reservoir can be located in 2 different places:

  • either under the boot mat, in the compartment to the right of the spare wheel or under it
  • or in the fuel filler flap, under the blue cap to the left of the port dedicated to diesel.

2. Pour in the contents of a can or fill up with AdBlue® at the pump

Once you’ve located the AdBlue® tank, all you have to do is fill it up! There are 2 main ways to do this:

  • either buy a bidon d’AdBlue® (of 5 litres or 10 litres): on the internet, in a car centre, or at a service station
  • or you fill up with AdBlue® at the pump dedicated to light vehicles (if your service station has one).

Important note: for the Urea or AdBlue® warning light to disappear on your Peugeot, you will need to top up the tank to 4 to 5 litres minimum. If the warning light and message persist after topping up, they should go away after about ten minutes.

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