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Best car dehumidifier: Reviews and Prices

Car dehumidifier

Are you wondering whether a car dehumidifier could solve your humidity problems? Then you’ve come to the right place, because that’s exactly what this article is all about! Here we’re going to tell you why you should use a car dehumidifier or moisture absorber, how it works and, above all, which one to choose from among the many references available on the market. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

What is a car dehumidifier?

A car dehumidifier is an accessory that eliminates ambient humidity and unpleasant odours in a vehicle (car, van, camper van, caravan, boat, etc.). It is one of the most effective solutions for combating the problems caused by damp:

  • persistent fogging of the windscreen or windows
  • condensation in the passenger compartment
  • musty smells.

Very common in autumn and winter, these humidity problems can not only disrupt driving, but also have consequences for the health of the driver and passengers. Regular dampness in a vehicle can lead to the development of mould and bacteria in the passenger compartment. These are likely to affect the quality of the air inside the vehicle, and in particular the respiratory tracts of those exposed to them.

How does a car dehumidifier or moisture absorber work?

Most often presented in the form of a small cushion, a car dehumidifier works in a very simple way:

  1. The dehumidifier absorbs excess humidity in the vehicle using the silica gel beads contained in the bag.
  2. The water accumulates inside the pad until it is completely full (which can take anywhere from a few days to several months, depending on the level of humidity in the vehicle).
  3. The water must then be drained from the moisture absorber so that it can be reused, using one of the following methods: heating the pad in a microwave for the time specified by the manufacturer, drying the dehumidifier on a radiator, or exposing it to the sun.
  4. You can then put it back in your car!

Tip: for optimum effectiveness, place the anti-humidity bag in the car overnight so that it has time to work and soak up the water.

Car dehumidifier: how much does it cost?

There are currently dozens of references in the field of car dehumidifiers. Prices vary from £10 to £50, depending on the quality of the bags, their absorption capacity and whether or not they are sold in packs:

  • for a medium-capacity anti-moisture bag (200 to 500 g), expect to pay between £10 and £20
  • for a large-capacity pad (500 g to 1 kg), you’ll need to spend between £12 and £30
  • a pack of 2 300-500g pads costs between £15 and £30
  • a pack of 4 bags of 500g can cost from £30 to £50.

We strongly advise you to buy at least 2 absorbent pads to significantly reduce the level of humidity in the passenger compartment. Ideally, one bag should be placed at the front of the car, and the other at the rear, for maximum effectiveness.

Which dehumidifier should you choose for your car?

To help you choose the dehumidifier that’s best suited to your needs, we’ve selected the best performing ones and ranked them according to their total moisture absorption capacity.

Our selection of the best car dehumidifiers sold individually

Here are the items we recommend if you want to buy a high-performance single-unit car dehumidifier:

1. The King Kong State 1 kg car dehumidifier: an excellent choice

King King State’s signature moisture absorber is renowned for its efficiency and durability. It’s clearly a benchmark in the field of car dehumidifiers! Key features:

  • easily removes fog from car windows
  • high moisture absorption capacity
  • high-quality, tear-resistant fabric
  • comes with a non-slip mat so you can place it on the dashboard
  • dries in 2 x 10 min in the microwave
  • average life of 6 months.

King Kong State ® Dehumidifier for Cars - 1kg

as of 24/06/2024 15:18

2. Fineway 1kg damp-proof bag: good value for money

The Fineway (Hillington) damp-proof bag is a good alternative to the King Kong State bag. As well as offering excellent value for money, it stands out from its competitor because it has an indicator that changes colour when the bag is full of water. Here’s a summary of its strengths:

  • colour indicator that warns users when the bag is full (very practical)
  • high water storage capacity
  • effective against internal fogging and condensation
  • sold with an anti-slip pad
  • dries in 2 x 12 min in the microwave.

FiNeWaY@ car reusable dehumidifier bag - 1kg

as of 24/06/2024 15:18

3. The Conopu 1kg car moisture absorber: efficient and versatile

This Conopu dehumidifier is another pleasant surprise! It performs well on a number of fronts:

  • eliminating damp odours
  • demisting interior windows
  • sold with a non-slip base.

Conopu Car moisture absorber - 1kg

as of 24/06/2024 15:18

Our choice of car dehumidifiers sold in packs of 2 or more

If you want to dehumidify your car as effectively as possible, it’s a good idea to buy two moisture absorbers to cover the entire passenger compartment. Here are the references we recommend:

1. Set of 2 Wisedry car moisture absorbers (2 x 500 g)

Wisedry is one of the most trusted names in car moisture absorbers. With this pack of 2 dehumidifiers, you won’t be disappointed:

Wisedry Car Dehumidifier Bags Reusable - 2 x 500g

as of 24/06/2024 15:18

2. Hoomee car dehumidifier 2-Pack (2 x 500g)

The 2-pack of car dehumidifiers from Hoomee is an interesting challenger. Their pads are renowned for their high absorption capacity and longevity (up to 2 years, according to the manufacturer). And, of course, they are ideal for reducing humidity and odours in vehicles.

Hoomee Car Dehumidifier Bags - 2 x 500g

as of 24/06/2024 15:18

3. Set of 2 Adeptna auto dehumidifiers (2 x 500g)

Despite its low price, this set of 2 moisture-absorbing bags for cars (or other vehicles) is quite effective in reducing humidity and unpleasant odours in the passenger compartment. A good option if the items suggested above are no longer available.

Adeptna Reusable Car Dehumidifier Bags - 2 x 500g


Would you like to buy a set of moisture absorbers to treat several vehicles? Opt for this pack of 4 moisture-absorbing pads from King Kong State:

King Kong State Dehumidifier for Cars - 4 x 500 g

as of 24/06/2024 15:18

Moisture absorbers for cars: where should they be placed?

For optimum efficiency, and to avoid disturbing the driver and passengers, the car moisture absorber should be placed in one of the following locations:

  • above the dashboard, if the main purpose of the dehumidifier is to reduce misting on the windscreen
  • on the rear parcel shelf, if the priority is to defog the rear window, particularly when the car’s defrosting system is malfunctioning
  • in the boot, if this area is particularly exposed to humidity.

You’ve got it: to drastically increase your vehicle’s capacity to absorb moisture inside, the ideal solution is to have several dehumidifiers. That way, you can dehumidify several areas at once, and more quickly.

A few precautions regarding location

To avoid disrupting driving or affecting the safety of the car’s occupants, the dehumidifier :

  • must not be positioned above or near an airbag
  • must not interfere with the use of the handbrake or the fastening of a seatbelt
  • must be positioned where it cannot injure an occupant in the event of an impact
  • must not be within the reach of children.

Don’t forget to change your cabin filter!

When you buy a car dehumidifier, take the opportunity to replace your cabin filter (not to be confused with the DPFS)! Also known as a pollen filter, this car accessory is integrated into the ventilation or air-conditioning system to preserve the quality of the air inside your car. It prevents allergens, bacteria, fine particles, dust and other pollutants from entering the cabin. Less well known is the fact that this filter, like a moisture absorber, also helps to reduce misting on the windscreen.

As the cabin filter tends to clog up over time, it becomes less effective, clogs up and ends up letting through bacteria and particles that are harmful to health. This can lead to malfunctions in the ventilation/air conditioning system, which in turn can lead to the build-up of damp and unpleasant odours in the vehicle. To preserve indoor air quality and avoid health risks, manufacturers recommend changing this filter regularly (every 12 months or 15,000 miles).

Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the part number to order. You’ll find your cabin air filter at the best price on Amazon (choose a reputable brand such as Bosch, Mann-Filter or Purflux) and you can easily install it yourself (either via the glove compartment or the engine compartment).

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