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Anti-fog spray for car: Which one to choose?

Anti fog spray for car

Anti-fog sprays can be very useful for preventing fogging on the windscreen and inside windows of a car or other glazed vehicle. However, there are many different products on the anti-fog market, and not all of them are created equal! To save you time, we’ve selected the most effective anti-fog sprays for cars, whatever the season. Follow the guide!

Anti-fog spray for car: what is it? How does it work?

Before we introduce you to the best car anti-fog sprays, let’s start by explaining what they are. If you drive regularly, you’re bound to have had problems with your car windows fogging up and preventing you from seeing the road. This situation is very common in autumn/winter, as soon as the temperatures start to drop.

To remedy the situation, we often resort to system D: open the side windows, ventilate as much as possible… Except that it can take a long time for the fog to disappear, which can be dangerous for the driver and passengers. That’s why anti-fog sprays were created!

How does an anti-fog spray work?

In practical terms, an anti-fog spray is a solution specially designed to prevent fogging from forming on the inside windows of a vehicle. Most often presented in the form of a spray or vaporiser, it should be applied to all interior glass surfaces, following the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

To maximise the effectiveness of anti-fog spray, most manufacturers recommend following specific steps:

  1. Clean all the interior glass to be treated
  2. Spray the product onto the glass surfaces concerned
  3. Rub the windows lightly with a dry cloth using circular movements
  4. Allow the product to dry
  5. Remove any residue with a clean cloth until the windows are completely clear.

Now that you know what an anti-fog spray is and how to use it, let’s take a look at the products we recommend.

Our selection of the best anti-fog sprays for cars

Want to know which are the best car anti-fog sprays? We’ve put together a list of the most effective products for getting rid of the fog on your car windows. Find out now:

1. Rain-X car anti-fog 500 ml: the must-have product

If there’s one car anti-fog spray that everyone (or almost everyone) agrees on, it’s the one designed by Rain-x, the benchmark brand in this field! Commonly used by garages and car maintenance professionals, this anti-fog spray has a number of benefits:

  • eliminates and prevents fogging of windows
  • effective on windows and interior rear-view mirrors (but also on bathroom mirrors and prescription glasses!)
  • also works in conditions of high humidity.

Rain-X Anti Damp 500ml Trigger (anti-fog)

as of 14/04/2024 23:53

2. Meguiar’s “Perfect Clarity” glass cleaner (473 ml): an excellent challenger

Here’s an excellent alternative to Rain-X car anti-fog: Meguiar’s excellent window cleaner! While the former is now the benchmark, the formula developed by the American car care specialist also works very well. Here are the benefits of this anti-fog spray:

  • 2-in-1 product: cleans glass surfaces and prevents fogging
  • spray can be used on interior and exterior windows
  • long-lasting anti-fog formula
  • leaves no residue.

Meguiar's Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner 473ml

as of 14/04/2024 23:53

Which cloth or sponge should you use with your car anti-fog spray?

To apply your anti-fog spray, it’s important to use a quality microfibre cloth or sponge. Here are a few cloths to choose from:

1. The AstroAI microfibre cloth on a telescopic handle: the best of the best

The AstroAI microfibre cloth with telescopic handle makes cleaning the inside of your windscreen a whole lot easier. If you’ve ever cleaned the inside of your windscreen, you’ll know that it’s hard to reach with a simple sponge. With its extendable handle, this accessory will enable you to easily reach all the nooks and crannies of your vehicle’s windscreen and rear window. Sold with 4 reusable microfibre pads.

AstroAI Car Windscreen Cleaner + 4 Microfiber Pads

as of 14/04/2024 23:53

2. Alclear anti-fog car sponge (set of 2): quality and efficiency

If you’re looking for a quality microfibre sponge (or rather a pack of 2 sponges), this one from Alclear is just what you need! Made in Germany, it’s renowned for leaving no marks after use and can be machine-washed without deteriorating. What more could you ask for?

ALCLEAR 950014 Ultra Microfibre anti-fog Sponges (Set of 2)

as of 14/04/2024 23:53

3. The Gadlane anti-fog 2-pack: an interesting alternative

Here’s another pack of microfibre sponges perfect for applying your anti-fog. These Gadlane sponges are renowned for their high absorbency and the fact that they don’t leave deposits when cleaning/drying windows. They are also reusable and machine washable.

GADLANE Microfibre Absorbent Car Demister Pad (Pack of 2)

as of 14/04/2024 23:53

4. The Sonax microfibre cloth (set of 2): for fans of the classic cloth

For those who prefer the “old-fashioned” microfibre cloth, don’t hesitate to opt for this accessory from Sonax. Sonax is a German manufacturer that has specialised in car care products for decades. Made in Germany, this cloth can be used to apply your anti-fog spray to the windows without feathering or scratching. Like its competitors, it’s washable and reusable.

Sonax Microfibre Cloth Plus "Interior and Glass" (2 Pieces)

as of 14/04/2024 23:53

How does fog form in the car?

As a driver, you’re probably wondering what causes your windows to fog up. Well, it’s a common phenomenon, most often linked to weather conditions. When there’s a lot of humidity in the air or when the outside temperature drops, the result is generally fogging inside vehicles.

In practical terms, the formation of mist is closely linked to the difference in temperature between the outside (cool, even cold) and the inside (warmer) of your vehicle. However, some (often older) cars are more affected than others. This is generally due to a leak, which can have various causes:

  • defective door seals: this fault is most often detected by a whistling sound from the door concerned when the car is in motion
  • blocked cabin filter: when this filter is damaged, the humidity is no longer stopped and penetrates the interior of the vehicle
  • blocked vents: if these are blocked by dead leaves or other residues, they prevent the proper dissipation of the air inside the vehicle
  • leaking windscreens: this can happen when the windscreen has simply been glued shut or when the seals have deteriorated.

Anti-fogging for cars: best practices to combat fogging

To get rid of fogging on the inside windows of your vehicle, there are a number of good practices you can follow:

  • make sure that all the windows and the boot are properly closed at night: this will prevent the morning humidity from penetrating into the passenger compartment
  • switch on the demisting system (if your car is so equipped) and the rear defrosting system when the windows are fogged up
  • switch on the air conditioning (if your car has this function), even in winter, as this helps to dry out the air inside the car
  • (if your vehicle does not have air conditioning) switch on the ventilation system, making sure that the “outside air” function is activated: this recycles the ambient air and prevents condensation in the passenger compartment.
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